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For me, there is no better feeling than to help women feel powerful and confident about themselves through the good fitting, fashionable and long-lasting clothing they wear, while at the same time supporting a community of women entrepreneurs and safeguarding our planet.

Lacia Sherlock Olofsson

About SP@Home

Experience SP@Home is your chance to get personal style advice by Lacia Sherlock Olofsson, a fashion forward-designer with a style of her own who loves to put an impeccably crafted, stylish yet comfortable outfit together just for you (no matter what size or age you are)!

  1. Connect with the SP team, pick a date, time and location and Lacia will bring the personalized Experience SP@Home event to you.  
  2. Invite your girlfriends to join in the fun (any amount of guests is fine although the more attendance, the more potential benefits for you as hostess). We suggest that to receive very personalized service, 10 guests max. is the ideal group size. 
  3. Fill out a very short on-line profile, so we can get to know you and your unique (life)style. 
    Note: You might also want to suggest this to your friends in attendance, so we can bring the most tailor-made garments for your group.
  4. Receive a short fashion presentation by Lacia which will include insights into the newest trends in fashion and design, get fitted and receive personalized wardrobe ideas and styling tips. 

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Fill out a very short on-line profile so we can get to know you and your unique (life)style.



For more information about Experience SP@Home, please contact customercare[at]sharedphilosophy.online