Our story

Shared Philosophy - creative clothing by women for women.

our brand 

Shared Philosophy offers impeccably crafted, stylish yet comfortable clothing for women of any age and any body type. Our collections suit women that are confident about their body and appreciate timeless design, natural fabrics, good craftsmanship and a modern flair. We provide a complete look to make it easier to coordinate and combine garments to ensure that you look just as good on a daily basis as on special occasions.

our background 

Shared Philosophy is a women’s clothing brand born from a lifelong passion and inspiration gained from decades of working and traveling to different countries of the world. Founded by Lacia Sherlock Olofsson, design enthusiast and global citizen, who brings her experience and style to help women feel confident and secure. Lacia is originally from Canada, where she studied fashion design and made a career in the fashion industry. She has since then traveled most of the world and lived in Sweden, as well as Russia. Nevertheless, she has a special place in her heart for Bangkok - one of the most vibrant cities in Southeast Asia - where she currently resides.   

our philosophy

Lacia works with local craftsmen and produces all garments in Thailand, where tailoring has been a tradition for centuries. She cooperates with small enterprises and family-run companies, where women lead, work and develop. Through Shared Philosophy she spreads her passion for design and a sustainable approach in the fashion industry.


Shared Philosophy Founder & Creative Director with her pugs

our design

We perceive fashion as a way to express ourselves and feel good about our body. That’s why our DNA is based on uniqueness - classic shapes with a modern twist. Fit of garments is something that we give a prior attention. Our clearly described and consistent sizing will help you choose a well-fitting outfit. 

We use high quality materials made by trusted manufacturers. Natural fabrics feel better against the skin and last longer. Shared Philosophy pieces are finished with a great attention to detail and drape well on the body. Seams, hems, linings - we know that these elements affect the final product.